Jion Kata perform in detail by Masahiko Tanaka, Sensei from 1990s.

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Jion Kata ("Mercy") is a representative kata in the Shotokan system because of the importance of the perfection of the basic stances that contains, notably zenkutsu dachi (front stance) and kiba dachi (horse stance). Also practiced in some Shitō-ryū organizations, emphasis is also placed on Kokutsu dachi, or back stance. The kata is noticeably shorter than its Shotokan counterpart

Jion Kata perform by  instructor from JKA Japan Head Quarters main Dojo.

Jion  慈恩

Jion (Mercy) probably has its roots in Chinese boxing and according to the acclaimed Shotokan Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa, it was invented in the Jion Temple by the Buddhist monks there who were accomplished martial artists. This is backed up not only by the name, but also the fact that it begins with the left hand covering the right fist, a starting posture often used in some kung fu styles. 

It later spread to Okinawa where it became a part of the Tomari-te syllabus though some believe it was actually invented there by someone with a connection to the Jion temple.



Master Gichin Funakoshi performing

Jion Kata  1920s