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JKA/Omori-Dojo of Laredo is honored and under a high privileged for its' authenticity for being affiliated with Mikami Takayuki Sensei, JKA/AF and JKA Headquarters in Japan.

JKA/AF is directly organized as a national member of the JKA World Federation and is not dependent upon or subordinate to any other karate group, organization or karate entity. Mikami Sensei dedicated his life to the preservation and promotion of authentic Shotokan Karate-Do and presently is a Senior Technical Advisor to the JKA in Japan.

​​​​Japan Karate Association / Omori-Dojo

In 2008, the JKA school in the city of Laredo, Texas was established. Karate members from the city of Laredo had previously trained with the full support of the JKA organization of San Antonio, TX. Both were under the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) founded by Nishiyama Hidetaka Sensei. After the death of Nishiyama Sensei in 2008, the JKA of San Antonio, TX along with the JKA Laredo members decided to align themselves with the Japan Karate Association/American Federation (JKA/AF) from New Orleans, Louisiana, founded by Mikami Takayuki Sensei. By 2009 the first Sho-dan (First degree black-belt) ranking was received by one of the members of the JKA Laredo. These legitimized and recognized the JKA school in Laredo as its own entity within the JKA/AF and the JKA Tokyo headquarters. The JKA Laredo members followed with their Dan rankings of their own under guidance of Mikami Sensei and the JKA headquarters in Japan. In 2017 the JKA Laredo gave an official name to the school known as Omori-Dojo (大森道場) and at the present day the JKA Omori-Dojo of Laredo has been teaching the Shotokan Karate-Do system and is consider to as the keepers of Karate's highest tradition in the city of Laredo,Texas.