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The Japan Karate Association/Omori-Dojo of Laredo, Texas would like to welcome you to an experience that it's unique of their own. Traditional Karate-Do helps people from all ages to cultivate a different kind of life, experience and character for the better, after a long and dedicated training. I hope you enjoy this informative website and hope for you to join the JKA/Omori-Dojo for training.      Thank you.    

JKA Omori-Dojo Instructor: Frank Del Bosque

  • October 9, 2020


Japan Karate Association/Omori-Dojo of Laredo

Jion Kata, according to the acclaimed Shotokan Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa, it was invented in the Jion Temple by the Buddhist monks.

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JKA-Omori Dojo of Laredo has been informed from The City of Laredo Parks and Recreations that any activities at their facility will continue for operation sometime until next year 2021 due to the situation of the novel Corona-virus, therefore, Karate classes will also be back on operation sometimes next year of 2021. The JKA Omori-Dojo of Laredo apologize and ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

The JKA headquartes in Japan has been orginizing trainings on-line for any JKA members. The JKA-Omori-Dojo encourage any JKA members from Laredo to participate on those events. Please click on the image below for more information.             

                                                                                              Thank you, and be safe.





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The Japan Karate Association/Omori-Dojo of Laredo operates as a non-profit organization and is the highest standard of traditional Karate-Do in the city of Laredo,Texas. We see it not as a sport, but as a whole way of life and that is always our emphasis: the whole. Our mission is to help students develop their every aspect of who they are.