The Japan Karate Association/Omori-Dojo of Laredo operates as a non-profit organization and is the highest standard of traditional Karate-Do in the city of Laredo, Texas. We see it not as a sport, but as a whole way of life and that is always our emphasis: the whole. Our mission is to help students to develop their every aspect of who they are. The JKA/Omori-Dojo of Laredo, Texas would like to welcome you to a unique experience of their own. Traditional Karate-Do helps people from all ages to cultivate a different kind of life, experience, and character for the better, after a long and dedicated training. I hope you enjoy this informative website and hope for you to join the JKA/Omori-Dojo for training.  

The JKA headquartes in Japan has been continuing orginizing Karate trainings on-line for any JKA member. The JKA-Omori-Dojo encourage any JKA member from Laredo to participate on those events. Please click on the image below for more information.          

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