Masatoshi Nakayama Sensei was born in April 1913 in Yamaguchi Prefecture, he was a descendant of the Sanada clan, in the Nagano region.

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It’s not just a competition, but it is a lifetime of self-improvement through training one’s body and spirit. This allows one to continue getting stronger even at an older age. This is the ultimate beauty of Martial Arts.
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The Japan Karate Association/Omori-Dojo of Laredo operates as a Non-profit organization and is the highest standard of traditional Karate-Do in the city of Laredo,Texas. We see it not as a sport, but as a whole way of life. And that is always our emphasis: the whole. Our mission is to help you develop every aspect of who you are.

The Japan Karate Association/Omori-Dojo of Laredo, Texas would like to welcome you to an experience that it's unique of their own. Traditional Karate-Do helps all people from all ages to cultivate a different kind of life and character for the better after a long and dedicated training. I hope you enjoy this informative website and hope for you to join the JKA Omori-Dojo for training.    Thank you.   

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Who was Masatoshi Nakayama?