The Keeper Of Karate's Highest Tradition

At JKA Laredo we train under a good environment, in the City of Laredo's Parks and Recreation facility. 

JKA Laredo is the only Dojo in the city of Laredo promoting  the Shotokan Karate recognized by the Japan Karate Association heir of Shotokan Karate tradition.

JKA Laredo teaches students self discipline and self control. Students also have the privilege to be register under the JKA American Federation and JKA Japan HQ.

Japan Karate Association Laredo

Karate-do, the "way of the empty hand" is a path to self development. Karate is best known as a method of self-defense, but self-defense is only a by-product of true karate training. Karate-do develops character through constant training; the karate-ka (karate student) learns to sumount any obtacle, tangible or intangible. To fully develop both physically and mentally in karate-do, students must learn to work together for their mutual benefit.





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