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  ホーム                         歴史               私たちに関しては             加わる

Karate-Do training can be perform as an art (Budo), as a sport, as a combat sport, or as a self defence training. Traditional Karate-Do places emphasis on self-development....


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What is Karate-Do

Japan Karate Association was formed in 1948 having the founder of Shotokan Karate-do Funakoshi Gichin Sensei as the highest instructor. Since then for 68 years, “Oshie”, the discipline, as the fundamental of our association.....



Typically, Dan grading sessions take place 4 times per year, and Kyu grading takes place twice. In order to be eligible for testing, you must first have gained the.....



Understanding Dojo-Kun

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日 本 空 手 協 会ラ レ イ ド

The Keeper Of Karate's Highest Tradition

Karate-do, the "way of the empty hand" is a path to self development. Karate is best known as a method of self-defense, but self-defense is only a by-product of true karate training. Karate-do develops character through constant training; the karate-ka (karate student) learns to summount any obstacle, tangible or intangible. To fully develop both physically and mentally in karate-do, students must learn to work together for their mutual benefit.

~Dojo kun is a Japanese martial arts term literally meaning (training hall) rules. They are generally posted at the entrance to dojo or at the "front" of the dojo (shomen) and......


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